Constantine creature designs 001

Im sharing these Creature designs turntables of rough 3d sketches to c it all around....these r basically old designs from 2001 and so forth that im exploring in 3d to flesh them out for my sketch book that im chipping away at........i also wanted to share some good advice that i learned from my first practical fx studio Steve Johnson's EdgeFX that Steve shared with me in the first month.......He said.....when u look at the human body we have even numbers mixed with odd numbers...we have 2 arms,2 legs,2 eyes,2 ears....but then we have 5 fingers,5 toes.1 nose,1 mouth.......that opened my eyes to so many r some examples of that mindset that Steve instilled in me.....ive past that knowlegde to friends so on and so forth.:)......humbly thanks....more to come.:)

Creature silhouette Design sketches

Creature silhouette Design sketches

Alien creature 001

Alien creature 002

Demon creature 003